marți, 15 februarie 2011

Tarta cu biscuiti si lamaie

Aceasta tarta a avut un succes - nesperat din partea mea - Cand au degustat-o prietenii erau cu totii incantati de gustul acesteia. Imi propun s-o refac dar ... who know's...cand ii va reveni randul.
Numai binee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 comentarii:

  1. This looks amazing and I just translated it but I don't see any instructions to go with it, can you email me instructions, at I would LOVE to make this for my mom on Mother's Day. Thanks so much!!

  2. dear Angie, sorry for this late time..:(
    I will send by mail the instruction. Like I say another time, it's delicious!!!

  3. vai ce bine arata :D ... ar mergea dimineata cu un fresh de portocale facut in casa.